Hostsharing eG (Cooperation), Germany

Hostsharing is a fast-growing ISP based on open source software and applies open source principles to Internet hosting services. Organized as a cooperative of website owners and Internet specialists, we offer not only the whole range of Internet hosting services, but enable a maximum of member participation.

Debian GNU/Linux is the platform of choice for most of our growing number of Internet servers to provide web, mail and other Internet services to our members. The Debian packaging system is perfect for remotely administered systems: shell-based, robust, transparent, slim and well-tested. Additionally the Debian security support is fast and reliable. And last but not least, we fully support Debian's Social Contract.

Seeing Debian at work has convinced several of our members to use Debian GNU/Linux on their workstations and laptops. Some of our members are also involved in the development of open source projects, including Debian itself.