Key Rollover - packages that are not vulnerable

The software listed on this page uses cryptographic keys, but is not vulnerable to the OpenSSL vulnerability, as OpenSSL is not used to generate or exchange its keys.


Debian's version doesn't enable crypto support due to licensing issues, and is so not affected.


GnuPG does not use OpenSSL, so gpg keys are not impacted by the vulnerability. However, keys that were stored on systems that could be attacked by using weak SSH keys, or other means, could be indirectly exposed, and gpg passphrases sent over ssh connections using weak SSH keys could be potentially exposed.


The Iceweasel (firefox) web browser functionality for generating X509 public/private keypairs (certificates) is not affected by this vulnerability. Iceweasel uses nss, a different cryptography engine.


Due to licensing issues, the Debian version of MySQL uses the yassl copy included in MySQL and is not affected.