Bezpečnostní zprávy z roku 1999

[15.12.1999] qpopper
buffer overflow in qpopper
[15.12.1999] ssh
remote exploit in ssh
[09.12.1999] htdig
remote exploit in htdig
[07.12.1999] sendmail
Denial of Service in Sendmail
[02.12.1999] dump
problem restoring symlinks
[16.11.1999] bind
Denial of service vulnerabilities in bind
[11.11.1999] nfs-server
buffer overflow in the NFS server
[11.11.1999] proftpd
buffer overflows in proftpd
[30.10.1999] lpr
users can see files they shouldn't
[27.10.1999] nis
various security problems in nis
[18.10.1999] mirror
Incorrect directory name handling in mirror
[18.10.1999] amd
Buffer overflow in amd -- update
[24.09.1999] amd
Buffer overflow in amd
[07.09.1999] INN
Buffer overflow in INN inews program
[30.08.1999] cron
Root exploit in cron
[18.08.1999] rsync
Rare problem with corrupted file permissions
[20.08.1999] trn
/tmp file creation problem
[19.08.1999] smtp-refuser
/tmp file creation problem
[18.08.1999] termcap-compat
Buffer overflow
[14.08.1999] cfingerd
root exploit in cfingerd
[07.08.1999] isdnutils
Incorrect permissions on xmonisdn
[06.08.1999] cfingerd
Buffer overflow in older versions of cfingerd
[31.07.1999] Samba
Security problems corrected in new upstream version
[23.06.1999] mailman
weak administrator authentication
[12.06.1999] man-db
Symlink attack
[07.06.1999] kernel
Denial of service in 2.2-series kernel
[07.06.1999] ipopd
Vulnerability in POP-2 daemon
[22.04.1999] procmail
buffer overflows, miscellaneous security updates
[31.03.1999] XFree86
symbolic link can be used to make any file world readable
[31.03.1999] xfs
symbolic link can be used to change file permissions
[20.02.1999] wget
Improper handling of symlink permissions
[20.02.1999] lsof
Buffer overflow in lsof
[18.02.1999] Eterm
Root exploit in eterm
[15.02.1999] cfengine
Security problem with temp file handling.
[15.02.1999] super
Buffer overflow in super.
[10.02.1999] Debian FTP packages
Buffer overflow in some FTP servers
[17.01.1999] ftpwatch
root compromise in ftpwatch
[04.01.1999] netstd
buffer overflows in bootpd and ftp