Taiwan DebCamp 2007

When: December 28th - January 1st
Where: Taitung, Taiwan
More Info: https://wiki.debian.org.tw/index.php/TWDebCamp2007

Taiwan DebCamp is an informal event. Debian folks will get together at the end of the year, to share and exchange their discoveries of 2007.

Please join in a relaxed mood, like in a vacation. Families and friends are welcome to join.

The following events are planed:

Debian Involvement

The Taiwan Debian User Group will host this event.

Debian developer Enrico Zini, Masayuki Hatta and local persons Andrew Lee(李健秋), Arne Goetje(高盛華), DreamerC(陳尚斌), Jserv(黃敬群), Paul Liu(劉穎俊), Yuwei Lin(林鈺維), Tenmoy Cinaw(騰莫言.基鬧) and Walis Buya(瓦歷斯.浦亞) are going to attend.

Main Coordinator: Andrew Lee

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