Events in 2005

Past events

[December 16th - 18th] Debconf-ES II 2005, Guadalajara, Spain
[December 9th - 11th] 1. Stralsunder LinuxTage, Stralsund, Germany
[December 3rd - 4th] Linuxtage Essen, Essen, Germany
[November 23rd - 25th] Educ@tice 2005, Paris, France
[November 15th - 17th] German LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
[October 29th] Linux-Info-Tag Dresden, Dresden, Germany
[October 28th - 29th] Japan Debian Mini Conf, Osaka, Japan
[October 24th - 28th] Systems 2005, Munich, Germany
[October 21st - 22nd] Berlinux 2005, Berlin, Germany [Report]
[September 5th - 11th] National Free and Open Source Software Week, Colombo, Sri Lanka
[August 20th] Debian Conference India, Bangalore, India [Report]
[August 4th - 7th] UKUUG Linux 2005, Swansea, Wales
[July 18th - 22nd] ApacheCon Europe 2005, Stuttgart, Germany [Report]
[July 10th - 17th] Debian Conference, Helsinki, Finland
[June 22nd - 25th] LinuxTag, Karlsruhe, Germany
[June 20th - 21st] Symposium OSS 2005, Ostfildern, Germany
[April 18th - 23rd] Debian Mini-Conf, Canberra, Australia
[March 11th - 14th] IT/Linux Days, Lörrach, Germany
[March 10th - 16th] CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
[March 5th - 6th] 7th Chemnitzer Linux-Tage, Chemnitz, Germany
[February 28th - March 4th] 5th Asia Open Source Software Symposium, Beijing, China
[February 26th - 27th] Free and Open Source Developers' European Meeting, Brussels, Belgium
[February 22nd - 25th] CONSOL 2005, Mexico City, Mexico
[February 17th - 19th] LOTS Event 2005, Bern, Switzerland
[February 15th - 17th] LinuxWorld Expo, Boston, U.S.A.
[February 1st - 3rd] Solutions Linux, CNIT Paris-La Défense, Paris, France [Report]
[January 25th - 26th] Linuxdays, Luxembourg