Debian Conference 4

When: May 26th - June 5th
Where: Porto Alegre, Brazil
More Info:

Debconf is a conference with, by and for Debian Developers. Non-developers are quite welcome to attend, but are not the conference's primary audience. DebCamp will be mixed with DebConf, from May 26th to June 2nd. This is a chance for developers to work together in a less formal setting. Debconf will also be participating in the V Fórum Internacional do Software Livre, one of the biggest Free Software events in the world, from June 3rd to 5th.

Debian Involvement

Presentations about Debian technologies such as Debconf, dpkg, apt, our mirror system and our policy are welcome as well as upcoming and interesting items such as Debian/BSD, the Hurd and porting to new and novel architectures.

Main Coordinator: Debian-BR Team

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