Events in 2001

Past events

[December 7th - 9th] Pluto Meeting 2001, Terni, Italy
[November 28th - 30th] International Linux Kongress 2001, Enschede, The Netherlands
[November 28th] Free Software: Business Models and Corporate Initiatives, Moscow, Russia
[November 23th - 24th] Congreso Nacional de Telecomunicaciones e Informática, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
[November 15th - 17th] Hispalinux Congress 2001, Madrid, Spain
[October 24th - 25th] LinuxWorld Conference & Demo/Tokyo 2001, Tokyo, Japan
[October 24th - 25th] Linuxdays, Luxembourg
[October 15th - 19th] Systems 2001, Munich, Germany
[October 13th - 14th] Linux Weekend, Kassel, Germany
[October 11th - 13th] Wizard of OS, Berlin, Germany
[September 5th - 7th] Congreso GNU/Linux 2001, University of Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
[July 23th - 27th] Open Source Convention, San Diego, U.S.A.
[July 6th - 8th] CompuVenta 2001 Mexico, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
[July 5th - 8th] LinuxTag 2001, Stuttgart, Germany [Report]
[July 4th - 5th] UK Linux Expo 2001, Olympia, London, United Kingdom
[July 2nd - 5th] Debian Conference 1, Bordeaux, France [Report]
[June 20th - 21st] Linuxdays 2001, St. Pölten, Austria [Report]
[June 15th] Linux@work Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
[June 6th-7th] Linux Expo Milan 2001, Milan, Italy
[May 30th - June 1st] Linux World Expo Tokyo 2001, Tokyo, Japan
[May 29th - 30th] Second International Forum on Free Software, Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
[May 18th - 19th] Magdeburger Linuxtage, Magdeburg, Germany
[May 15th - 17th] Internet World Berlin, Berlin, Germany
[May 4th - 6th] 3. Braunschweiger Linux-Tage, Braunschweig, Germany
[May 2nd - 4th] Multimediamarket, Stuttgart, Germany
[April 4th - 5th] Linux Expo Madrid 2001, Madrid, Spain
[March 22nd - 28th] CeBIT, Hannover, Germany
[March 7th - 9th] Linux Business Expo Sydney, Sydney, Australia
[January 17th - 20th] Linux.Conf.Au 2001, Sydney, Australia
[January 23th - 24th] Linux Expo Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands