Free Software: Business Models and Corporate Initiatives

When: November 28th
Where: Moscow, Russia
More Info:

The first conference "Free Software: Business Models and Corporate Initiatives" was held in Moscow. It was held within the frameworks of the Electronic Russia federal special program. This program was designed as means of shortening the "digital divide" between Russian transitional economy and Western economies.

The main goal of the event was stated as establishing a mutual understanding between all parties concerned and involved in establishing the social institute of Free Software in Russia, including developers, providers, and customers. Two well-known companies, IBM and Sun Microsystems, sponsored this event.

Debian Involvement

A number of speeches were delivered by the representatives of international and Russian Free Software projects: Peter Novodvorsky and Wartan Hachaturow from the Debian Project gave an introduction in how the Debian Project works and how the Debian distribution is assembled.

Main Coordinator: Peter Novodvorsky

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