Debian Conference 1 -- Report

The first official Debian conference was held last week during the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) in Bordeaux, France. Although Debian founder Ian Murdock and ex-DPL Bruce Perens canceled their travel a week before the conference started, the event has been a great success. 40 to 50 developers and about 20 Debian users came to the famous city of wine in order to discuss various issues and to socialize. Talks during the day stimulated many discussions which were continued during the evening either while going to the city for food or while hacking in the university computer rooms.

For those who have not been able to come to Debian Conference 1, an impression of the event can be won by looking at the large collection of photos taken by Roland Bauerschmidt and James Bromberger. Furthermore, the organizer Thierry Laronde had the great idea to take a photo of all developers who came to the event -- the photo shows the great variety of Debian. For those who want to read more about the conference and see slides of the talks, Arto Teräs has written an extended travel report with many links to other sites.

Although the conference is over, the discussions continue via the Internet and one of the hot topics is currently where Debian Conference 2 is going to be held.

Martin Michlmayr