Linux.Conf.Au 2001

When: January 17th - 20th
Where: Sydney, Australia
More Info:

Linux.Conf.Au being held in Sydney, Australia (the same place as the Olympics), is the most important Linux conference in Asia. Last years' event, known as CALU, attracted 300 of the best and brightest developers in the region. This year Alan Cox, David Miller, Andrew Tridgell and Maddog will be speaking as well as many others.
Topics include The Gimp 2.0, Hardware accelerated X, ia64 Linux, hppa Linux, devfs, OpenH323, Linux memory management, Tux2, User-mode Linux and Outdoor Augmented Reality With Wearable Computers Running Linux.

Debian Involvement

There will be a paper by Wichert Akkerman on the Debian Packaging System and well a Debian BoF. This should present an opportunity to put names and email addresses to faces and personalities.

Main Coordinator: Anand Kumria

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